In today’s online business world, you aren’t just competing with the guys down the street.

You are facing competition on a global scale, which means that you need a targeted and strategic inbound marketing plan that identifies potential customers, nurtures relationships, and turns leads into loyal customers. As a business person, you know that there are effective shortcuts. If there were, everyone would be successful. Inbound marketing helps you avoid the gimmicks. It works to establish your business as a trusted authority by being the first to reach out and offer something of value to potential customers. Cultivating lasting relationships and establishing a clear brand takes time and effort, but the pay-offs are huge.

At Lead Harbor, we understand that it can be time-consuming and nearly impossible to be both an expert in your field and run a comprehensive inbound marketing plan that will adapt to changing markets. That’s where we come in. Our services will allow you to focus on what you do best while also promoting the healthy growth of your business.

Attracting New Visitors

The adage that content is king continues to ring true. Without providing high quality content that is both informative and engaging, your efforts to attract visitors to your site and convert sales will essentially be dead in the water. While the internet has revolutionized our access to information, it has also created a dumping ground for content that doesn’t do much for the reader.

We can help you create and publish content that rises above the cacophony of online information and allows you attract readers who fall within your target audience. The entire process starts with getting to know your business, your goals and your audience. From there, we can craft a customized strategy that implements proven methods and works to help you build an visible online presence.

Nurturing Leads Through Sales Funnels

Getting potential customers to visit your site is just the beginning. From there, it is all about encouraging the reader to engage and meeting them where they are in the decision-making process. Not every customer is the same and certainly shouldn’t be treated the same. Some may visit your site with only a preliminary curiosity about your goods or services. Others may already be ready to commit and are looking to be convinced that you are the absolute best option.

By using sales funnels and automated marketing tools, such as landing pages, subscription forms, newsletters and other calls-to-action, you can implement engagement campaigns that will go to work for you. Customer behavior will automatically trigger certain marketing tools that identify where customers are in the buying process and move them to the next step.

Analyze & Adapt

Inbound marketing is a dynamic field that needs to be constantly adapting to the changing needs of the customer and evolving markets. In addition, there is some trial and error involved in honing strategies. That is exactly why we use extensive tracking and analytical tools to identify what is working and make necessary adjustments.

By collecting and analyzing data on content performance, audience behavior and other important metrics, we are able to take well-performing campaigns to the next level and improve any other marketing efforts that did not produce the desired results.

Ultimately, when you partner with Lead Harbor, you can feel confident that you are investing resources in a comprehensive approach to inbound marketing that will continue to grow and adapt with you and your business.