Your website is your single greatest company asset.

It not only represents your company, but also allows you to connect with potential customers. With so much riding on the quality and performance of your website, why would you publish a site and then let it sit for years at a time without making updates or testing and validating certain metrics? This approach doesn’t make much sense, but it has been the standard in web design for years.

At Lead Harbor, we believe in the value of growth-driven website design that focuses on quickly publishing a site and continually making updates and improvements. Instead of investing in a costly web design process that almost always go over budget and takes longer than anticipated, we allow you to go live and begin to collect data about how users are interacting with your site. This information then dictates the rest of the webs design process so that you can continually be making improvements that speak directly to the needs and wants of your audience.

How It Works

Instead of investing months in creating a website that only reflects the assumptions designers have about your audience, we work to generate a strategy and launch a website as quickly as possible. This allows you to avoid creating a static site that may not even be meeting your performance goals. With growth-driven design, you can informed decisions about website design that are based on hard data and customer behavior. Continually improving your site means that it is a dynamic tool that will serve your changing needs and avoid having to do a complete site redesign every couple of years.

By spreading out the design process over a longer period of time, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including: a quick launch, continual improvement, and data-driven design. Ultimately, this will save you time, money and allow you to enjoy a website that is design to optimal performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the other big benefits of discarding traditional approaches to static website design and opting for growth driven design is the opportunity to focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Instead of simply monitoring website performance and hoping for the best, we can help you run a variety of A/B testing scenarios to determine which features, tools and design choices yield the best CRO. This information can then be used to continually modify and improve your site.

Without growth-driven design, it is nearly impossible to practice CRO. Instead of going to work for you, your site will simply sit there until your business decides to invest in another costly and time consuming overhaul that doesn’t even guarantee improved performance. Instead of taking shots in the dark, take advantage of Lead Harbor’s growth-driven design services to enjoy continual CRO.